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I'm a secular humanist and believe in intersectional feminism. Nsfw sometimes.


“In order for Pokemon to advance in power, it has to evolve to another level. And each evolution, he becomes more demonic in appearance. And eventually he gets to the point where he’s totally demonic.”

“These are all oriental demons. The names are actually names of demons.”

Just… Just watch it. This is just one of the reasons I hate religion. I can’t believe people like this even exist. I wasn’t aware that “Jigglypuff” was a demon. Also, they start talking about how Minecraft is possibly “occult-ish”…

 this is…serious…?…..omfg.

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How do you deal?


In the last two weeks I’ve had Johava’s Witnesses and Baptists at my door “inviting” me to their churches. They don’t seem to care that I don’t believe in creationism or that I am a logical thinker who will never believe in any god let alone theirs. I try to be polite to these ladies and respect their right to believe but it infuriates me! I don’t go to their door talking about my lack of belief, so why the hell do they think it’s okay to come & preach to me?

I work with some religious people and an agnostic. When the agnostic sneezes I say “don’t die & rot in a box” instead of the ridiculous ‘bless you’. This really pisses off the religious people. 

How do you cope with people coming to your door to preach, or what do you say (if anything) when people sneeze? 

 Religious people/religion has infuriated me so much over the last years to the point that I felt I would actually start yelling at anyone who knocked on my door with their fucked up books, and I find it completely inappropriate that they see nothing wrong with doing so…
It especially confuses me that while they think they’re so “in the right” by going door to door, if atheists were to do that the response would be enormous and dreadful.

Here’s a funny/not funny video, and I almost think some atheists should do this just to give them a taste of their own “medicine”. However, I don’t believe in knocking door to door and being a pest.

Check this out!

So, I was generally angry and under the impression that if I was to answer the door to some of these bible thumpers, I would completely flip shit. However, then I decided to just cool my shit down and either be polite and say no…or to act completely oblivious to anything and everything they said. Ex) “Have you accepted the lord jesus christ as your personal savior~*?” me: “jesus? what’s a jesus?”
and basically make them explain everything to me like i’m a kid so that I can respond with things like, “doesn’t that sound kind of childish?” and maybe they’d realize that the shit they’re spewing makes as much sense as the easter bunny lol….

To be honest, though, I’ve only ever answered the door to religious folks ONCE and at the time I still had no idea what was happening because I wasn’t even in my country…
I’m still waiting to see how I will actually react. I’d like to think I’d say something mindblowing, but it’ll probably consist of a sigh and a “no thanks, not interested”..

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